Kronosaurus hunt1DB

Woolungasaurus attacked by Kronosaurus.

Woolungasaurus glendowerensis ('Glendower's Woolunga lizard', named after an Aboriginal mythical reptile, Persson 1960) was a plesiosaur, an extinct marine reptile, of the family Elasmosauridae. The type species is known from a partial skeleton (46 vertebrae, ribs, forearms, shoulder girdles and part of the rear limbs) unearthed from the Wallumbilla Formation (Albian, Lower Cretaceous) of the Richmond District, Queensland. Another find of undetermined species, consisting of 12 vertebrae, was unearthed from the Maree Formation (Cretaceous, of uncertain age)of Neale's River, near Lake Eyre, South Australia. In addition a skull from Yamborra Creek, near Maxwelltown, Queensland, described by Persson in 1982 has been referred to Woolungasaurus.

Woolungasaurus appears to have been a typical elasmosaur, with 40 sharp teeth and an estimated length of about 9.5 metres. Persson (1982) believes it to be closely related to the North American elasmosaur Hydralmosaurus.


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