The Unidade Sobral is a geological formation in Europe that dates back to the Late Jurassic period.[1]

Vertebrate faunaEdit

Dinosaurs of the Unidade Sobral
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  1. D. armatus[1]
  1. Geographically located in Distrito do Leiria, Portugal.[1]


  1. Possible indeterminate dryosaurid remains.[1]
  1. Geographically located in Distrito do Leiria, Portugal.[1]


  1. L. alenquerensis[1]
  1. Geographically located in Distrito do Lisboa, Portugal.[1]
  1. The strata containing these remains may actually belong to the Unidade Amoreira-Porto Novo.[1]


  1. M. longicollum
  1. Stratigraphically present in the Miragaia Unit.

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Mantell's Iguanodon restoration

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