Tallahassee Native American Artifact and Fossil Show1

2008 Tallahassee Native American Artifact and Fossil Show.

The Tallahassee Native American Artifact and Fossil Show is a Tallahassee, Florida based Native American artifact and fossil show. As of February 21, 2009, the show is in its eighth annual exhibition. The show will be held in the Elks Lodge, 276 N. Magnolia Drive, Tallahassee, Florida.

The show features 80 tables of the some of the finest Florida, Georgia, and Alabama artifacts and fossils ever found, with several collections that have never before been publicly displayed. There will be fossils and artifacts both on display and offered for sale. It is possible to bring local fossil and artifact finds to the show for identification and appraisal, as several noted experts are on hand. There are often book dealers, case dealers, and T-shirt dealers.

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