For the article on the geologic formation: Sharktooth Hill Formation

Sharks Edit

Cow Sharks Edit

  • Hexanchus andersoni
  • Notorynchus sp.

Squaliformes Edit

  • Echinorhinus blakei
  • Squalus occidentalis

Squatinformes Edit

  • Squatina lericheii

Heterodontiformes Edit

STHfauna sharks overview

Overview of shark species found at STH.

  • Heterodontus

Lamniformes Edit

  • Carcharias taurus
  •  ?Megachasma sp.
  • Alopias ?latidens
  • Cetorhinus sp.
  • Carcharocles chubutensis
  • Carcharocles megalodon
  • Cosmopolitodus planus
  • Cosmopolitodus hastalis
  • Carcharodon sp
  • Isurus oxyrinchus
  • Isurus retroflexus
  • Parotodus benedeni

Carcharhiniformes Edit

  • Cephaloscyllium
  • cf Scyliorhinus
  • Galeorhinus sp.
  • Triakis sp.
  • Mustelus sp.
  • Hemipristis serra
  • Carcharhinus antiquus
  • Carcharhinus cf "egertoni"
  • Carcharhinus cf limbatus
  • Carcharhinus obscurus
  • Galeocerdo aduncus
  • Physogaleus contortus
  • Sphyrna cf zygaena
  • Sphyrna cf media

Rajiformes Edit

  • "Rhinobatos" sp.
  • Raja sp.

Myliobatiformes Edit

  • Dasyatis spp.
  • Gymnura sp.
  • Mobula loupianensis
  • Myliobatis merriami
  • Myliobatis smithii

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