Anneavis anneae

Fossils of Anneavis anneae, a Sandcoleiforme from the Green River Formation, Kemmerer, Whyoming.

Sandcoleiformes is an extinct order of Paleogene birds found from Green River Formation (USA)[1], London Clay (England)[2], Messel (Germany)[2] and Phosphorites of Quercy (France)[3] was established by Olson and Houde (1992). Sandcoleiformes are a polyphyletic assemblage of primitive members of at least three separate orders of modern birds, Psittaciformes, Coraciiformes and Coliiformes.

Sandcoleiformes were similar to the extant Mousebirds of Africa, but less specialized, and have a cladistic affinity to Woodpeckers. Filling the niches of today's passerines, they seem to have been out-competed when the latter evolved, much in the same way that modern carnivores replaced the Creodonts.


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