The term prehistoric reptile covers a broad category that is intended to help distinguish the dinosaurs from other prehistoric reptiles. As the dinosaurs, because of their long and successful reign for many millions of years, are almost exclusively dealt with in their own category of prehistoric life.

The category covers all the non-dinosaurian reptiles which are often erroneously considered to be dinosaurs, such as the sea faring varieties of plesiosaurs and the flying pterosaurs. Also included are ancient crocodiles such as Deinosuchus.

For information on the mammal-like "reptiles" (therapsids) and other amniotes often considered reptiles (including the well-known Dimetrodon), which are not part of the clade Sauropsida (with which "Reptilia" is generally synonymized), see Synapsid (amniotes related to mammals). For information on the ancestors of reptiles, traditionally classified as labyrinthodont amphibians, see Reptiliomorpha (reptile-like tetrapods).

List of prehistoric reptiles by groupEdit

Early reptilesEdit

Early anapsidsEdit

Turtles, tortoises and terrapinsEdit


Main article: List of ichthyosaurs

Plesiosaurs, placodonts, and nothosaursEdit

Main article: List of mosasaurs
Main article: List of plesiosaurs

Early archosaursEdit


Main article: List of crurotarsans

Flying reptiles (Pterosaurs)Edit

Main article: List of pterosaurs

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