The Netherlands is a country in Europe.


In The Netherlands it is possible to collect fossils from different periods. In the southeast of the Netherlands rocks from the Cretaceous occur. There you can find fossil bivalves, belemnites, corals, shark teeth and occasionally Mosasaur teeth.

In the east of The Netherlands in Winterswijk there is a quarry in limestone from the Triassic period. When you are lucky you can find tracks of small reptilians and dinosaurs! Also minerals are found in this quarry. Several times a year the quarry is open to the public.

The third major site to collect fossils in The Netherlands is the beach at Cadzand in the southwest. Here you can find fossil shells, shark teeth and ray teeth from the Tertiary period. Shark teeth with a size of 10 centimeters are occasionally found. Also bones of Pleistocene mammals are found here.

On several locations in The Netherlands fossils are found which were transported here by glaciers in the ice age. Near Groningen you can find Silurian corals from Scandinavia in the boulder clay.

List of fossil sitesEdit

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