Friedrich von Huene (March 22, 1875 – April 4, 1969) was a German paleontologist who named more dinosaurs in the early 20th century than anyone else in Europe.

Huene was born in Tübingen, Kingdom of Württemberg. His discoveries include the skeletons of a herd of more than 35 Plateosaurus that were buried in a mudslide, the early proto-dinosaur Saltopus in 1910, Proceratosaurus in 1926, the giant Antarctosaurus in 1929, and numerous other dinosaurs and fossilized animals like pterosaurs. He also was the first to describe several higher taxa, including Prosauropoda and Sauropodomorpha.

Liassaurus huenei, an early carnivorous theropod, was named for him in 1995 though the genus may be invalid.

He visited the Geopark of Paleorrota in 1928, and there collected the Prestosuchus chiniquensis in 1938.
Mantell's Iguanodon restoration

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