Peer-reviewed articles

Peer-reviewed articles on the Fossil Wiki


Peer-reviewed articles are considered to be some the best articles on the Fossil Wiki, as determined by its editors. Articles that are peer-reviewed undergo rigorous scrutiny for factual relevancy, and are therefore deemed to be encyclopedic in nature. Before being listed here, articles are reviewed at the Peer-review nominations page for accuracy. Peer-reviewed articles are different from Good or Featured articles in that the latter are scrutinized for accuracy, neutrality, completeness, and style according to the predetermined criteria. Peer-reviewed articles, however, have only been reviewed and amended for accuracy. A peer-reviewed article is considered to be a few steps away from a Good or Featured article.

At present, there are 0 peer-reviewed, out of a total of 7,262 articles on the Fossil Wiki.

A small green check-mark (Peerreview1) in the top right corner of an article's page indicates that the article has been peer-reviewed status. Click on the Discussion tab of the peer-reviewed article to learn more about that specific peer-review, and for a link to the peer-reviewed version.

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