Eutretauranosuchus is a genus of goniopholidid mesoeucrocodylian. It is known from several specimens collected from the Late Jurassic-age Morrison Formation, including fossils from Garden Park and Dry Mesa Quarry in Colorado and Como Bluff in Wyoming. The type species is E. delfsi. Charles Mook described Eutretauranosuchus in 1967 from a skull and partial skeleton of a subadult individual uncovered at Garden Park in the 1950s by workers from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. This individual was only about 1.77 m long, and weighed perhaps 18 kg, but older individuals could reach substantially larger sizes. The skull of Eutretauranosuchus differed from that of contemporaneous Goniopholis by the presence of an additional opening in the palate, among other details. Eutretauranosuchus would have been a semiaquatic predator, its prey including fish and small to medium-sized terrestrial vertebrates.

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