Fossil range: Late Triassic
Scientific classification



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Kuhn, 1936


  • E. neukami
    Kuhn, 1936 (type)
  • E. angustifrons
    Kuhn, 1936

Ebrachosuchus is an extinct genus of basal phytosaurid phytosaur. Fossils were first discovered from the Blasensandstein Formation near Ebrach, Germany, which dates back to the Carnian stage of the Late Triassic[1].

The original holotype of E. neukami had a very elongate rostrum that was used to distinguish the genus from other phytosaurs. However, due to its many other similarities to the closely related Paleorhinus, Ebrachosuchus has since been considered to be synonymous with Paleorhinus. The rostrum length alone would not be enough to assign the original specimen of E. neukami to its own genus or subgenus, according to the authors of one paper proposing the synonymy[2].


  1. ^ Kuhn, O. (1936). Weitere Parasuchier und Labyrinthodonten aus dem Blasensandstein des mittleren Keuper von Ebrach. Palaeontographica, Abteilung A, 83:61-98.
  2. ^ Hunt, A. P. and Lucas, S. G. (1991). The Paleorhinus biochron and the correlation of the non-marine Upper Triassic of Pangaea: Palaeontology 34(2):191-198.

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