Fossil range: Middle Triassic
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Dongusuchus Sennikov, 1988


  • D. efremovi Sennikov, 1988 (type)

Dongusuchus (meaning Donguz River crocodile in Greek, for the area where the type specimen was found[1]) is an extinct genus of rauisuchian. Fossils have been found from the Donguz Formation outcropping on the banks of the Donguz River in the Orenburg Oblast of Russia. They are associated with a fossil assemblage called the Eryosuchus Fauna, named after the capitosaurid Eryosuchus, the most common organism found from the assemblage. The locality dates back to the Anisian and early Ladinian stages of the Middle Triassic[2].

Dongusuchus was a gracile rausuchian with a long, sigmoidally curved neck, unlike the more typical robust short-necked rauisuchians that appear later in the Triassic.


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Postosuchus BW

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