Dinosaur lives 1998

Cover of Dinosaur Lives

Dinosaur Lives is a book authored by American paleontologist Jack Horner, and was published in June of 1998.

Publisher's summaryEdit

"[…]Dinosaurs fascinate and captivate us, yet we really know relatively little about them--and that only from a fragmentary fossil record painstakingly reconstructed by paleontologists. Dinosaur Lives offers a colorful first-person account of one paleontologist as he uncovers fossilized bones, eggs, and more from the wastelands of Montana. John R. Horner and Edwin Dobb explain the process of prospecting for paleontological clues and what the fossil record tells us about dinosaur anatomy and their behavior. Much of the news is surprising: dinosaurs probably weren't reptiles at all but more closely related to birds, and many were social animals that lived in herds. Especially fascinating is trivia such as the fact that the ostensibly fearsome T. Rex was probably a scavenger akin to a vulture."
―Publisher's summary of Dinosaur Lives[src]
Mantell's Iguanodon restoration

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