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Diagrammatic reconstruction of the head and pectoral fin in Denaea fournieri as provided by FOURNIER

Denea is a genus of Symmoriiforme shark from the Lower Carboniferous era. Its pectoral fins were probably similar to those of other symmoriiforms, and the radialbearing margin of its metapterygium most closely resembles that of falcatids and Stethacanthulus.

The type species, Denaea fournieri is a small (est. total length 50-60 mm) symmoriiform shark known from numerous, incomplete but well preserved specimens of semi-articulatedindividuals from the Marbre Noir (Lower Viséan, Lower Carboniferous) of Denée, Belgium (FOURNIER & PRUVOST 1922). Historically, it represents the fourth symmoriiform taxon to have been described from articulated skeletal remains (see COPE 1893, 1894; TRAQUAIR 1898) and the first such find in mainland Europe. These fossils were described and a holotype was designated by FOURNIER & PRUVOST (1928), but since that time D. fournieri has been largely neglected.

Mantell's Iguanodon restoration

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