Brachauchenius lucasi2DB

Brachauchenius lucasi trying to catch Hesperornis.


Skull of Brachauchenius lucasi FHSM VP 321


Brachauchenius in Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

Brachauchenius is an extinct genus of pliosaur that lived in America (USA and Colombia) during the Cretaceous.

The type species, Brachauchenius lucasi, lived in the Western Inland Sea of North America around 93.5-89.3 million years ago, during the Turonian stage of the Cretaceous. An older specimen referred to Brachauchenius from the Barremian of Colombia represents the first re-occurrence of the non-rhomaleosaurid pliosaurs after a Berriasian-Hauterivian hiatus.

The first known (type) specimen (USNM 4989) was collected by Charles H. Sternberg from Ottawa County, Kansas in 1884. It had a skull length of about 90 cm. The species was named by S.W. Williston. A larger specimen (FHSM VP-321 - skull length 170 cm) was collected by George F. Sternberg in 1952 from the Fairport Chalk of Russell County, Kansas, and later described by Carpenter. Schumacher and Everhart (2005) reported on the age and locality of both Kansas specimens. This pliosaur grew to around 10 meters (30 ft) in length. Brachauchenius represents the last known occurrence of a pliosaur in North America.


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