Fossil Akmonistion from the Middle Carboniferous of Scotland (from Benton, 2005)

Akmon skel sm

Akmonistion zangerli - 320 million year old shark from Scotland (Coates


Akmonistion is an extinct genus of shark that lived in the Early Carboniferous Period. It was originally ascribed to the poorly defined genera of Cladodus and the extremely similar Stethacanthus. Its remains have been found in the Manse Burn Formation (Serpukhovian, Lower Carboniferous) of Bearsden, Scotland. The only species is Akmonistion zangerli


Due to Akmonistion's non-streamlined body, it was unsuited for sudden acceleration, and was most likely not adapted to sustain any form of high-speed pursuit of it's prey.[1]


Cladistic analyses of Akmonistion shows that the shark most likely a symoriid.


  1. ^ A new Stethacanthid Chondrichthyan from the Lower Carboniferous of Bearsdon, Scotland. M. I. Coates and S. E. K. Sequeira, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 2001, 21(3):438–459

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